Fleet0ps : an operational level game of interstellar exploitation

Basic Game Parameters

Multiple human players connected via lan or internet.

The game is played on a three dimensional map of interstellar space centered on sol.

Human players either singularly or in groups direct TranStellar corporations tasked with maintaining extrasolar populations and exploiting nearSpace resources.

The population to habitate nearSpace is compulsorily sourced from earthGov designated 'subversive' elements. Most are low morale, ill educated and undernourished.

Elemental resources are plentiful and 'production' is more dependant on an assets capabilities rather than on a stellar systems resources.

While stellar systems with earth class planets in their 'habitable' zone are fairly common 'life' is only very rarely gaian with most sites having little more than simple unicellular bacteria.

Technology. FTL is imperfect with range limited by severe control and survivability issues. Fusion power sources restricted to orbital or free space.

Game Play

Main goal is to control assets. Assets can be built or acquired through political, economic or military conflict/co-operation.

Players construct and deploy assets which are categorized by function. Physically, assets are the infrastructure to support a population and productive activity in space. These assets are conceived of as being composed of a large central structure which in some fashion controls the activities of a stellar system wide cloud of smaller remote installations.

Assets can be composed into larger multifunction complexes. Assets and complexes can be attached to a 'Spine' which provides the game's interstellar transport and communications.

All assets, including spines, are totally inactive and incommunicado during FTL transit.

If assets are conceived of as consisting of a central controlling spacebourne structure and a systemwide swarm of small remote units it is necessary to model this. thus every asset has a deployed and an undeployed state. it would probably take at least weeks for an asset to change state. undeployed assets are not very efficient but can be transited without losing it's remote population. a deployed asset is efficient but suffers losses if it's core is ordered to transit to another stellarSystem.

Assets have an efficiency factor. Models training, experience, supply, staffing, incremental research and development and damages resulting from conflict. This mechanism replaces the usual 'tech tree'.

Assets have an owner and a loyalty/allegiance factor. Players can acquire control of other players units by using political units to cause assets to 'defect' or by using economic units to coercively buy selected assets.

Assets have a conflict/co-operation matrix of interplayer relationships. This models the resultants of co-operative, neutral or conflicted player relations on an assets tasks.

Asset Types


- basically mines stellar systems and manufactures goods. Can either build, all asset types, or generate "industrial points" which are manufactured goods on hand used for logistical resupply.


- these assets warehouse various resources. Connected to a Transport they provide the 'containers' for interstellar transport.


- a 'spine' is an asset which provides FTL interstellar transport for assets physically attached to it.


- physically appropriates or destroys stuff.


- these assets produce "biological points" representing transportable food and biological products such as medicines and technologies that allow reasonable reproduction rates.


- these assets produce 'economic points' by providing a marketplace and currency to assets needing supply. These economic points are the exchangeable, storable and promissory interstellar currency.


- these assets provide population centres which provide social, cultural, consumptive population/breeding/educational/socialisation infrastructures.


- assets which affect the morale and allegiance of assets.


- assets which affect the efficiency of other assets. Either temporarily or permanently, positively or negatively. Imagine these as amoral academic 'research' institutions.


- an asset used to represent a players location on the game map.

Game economics.

earthGov, industrial, economic, biological and habitat assets produce the i(ndustrial).p(oints)., e(conomic). p(oints)., b(iological).p. and p(opulation).p. needed to construct and maintain assets.

Mercantile assets transport or store i.p., e.p., b.p. and p.p. between stellar systems.

All assets must be supplied with varying amounts of the four resources to function.

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